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I will deliver Japanese "mind “around the world


I think the Japanese garden is wonderful.
The more I know it, the more I like it.
The delicacy peculiar to the Japanese, hospitable feelings are stuffed in.
I would like people in the world to know this wonderfulness.

Nihon Teien …Japanese garden…

Nihon Teien
…Japanese garden…

The characteristics of the Japanese garden are not to create natural scenery as it is but how to express the good part of the natural landscape in a limited space is important.I think that it is the most attractive to see the scenery other than the landscape which can actually be seen with the imagination of the viewer by making the nature different with various things.

Karesansui…Dry landscape Japanese garden…

…Dry landscape Japanese garden…

It is the garden which expresses the hills and rivers without using water.
Unlike a garden to appreciate on foot, it is the space that calms a heart by looking calmly from the room.
When you go to the garden of the dry landscape Japanese garden and look at the space that chose water with a stone, it is mysterious, and a heart calms down.

Roji…Passage to the tea-ceremony room…

…Passage to the tea-ceremony room…

It is a passage before going to the tea-ceremony room, it is not only space to perform a tea party but also the place that prepares for the heart before I leave for the tea-ceremony room.
In addition, for a visitor, it is the space where consideration of "hospitality" is felt.

Thought to inherit a tradition

There are many famous splendid gardens in Japan now and it is possible to watch them.
However, the opportunity "to make it" considerably decreases.

I think that we must inherit the tradition of the Japanese garden.
Therefore, we need more opportunity and people to make it.

If we can build Japanese gardens not only in Japan but also in countries all over the world, more people will know it.

Thought to the garden

Enjoy the space itself

I felt that all recent ideas have come to be thought centered on efficiency and convenience.

It is a car, for example.
The goal of moving the car is given the highest priority now, and fuel efficiency and the size of the interior of the car are regarded as the most important, and it seems that the number of cars enjoying the driving of the car has drastically decreased.
I like to drive a car, so I want a car that enjoys more driving.

I think that we can say the same thing to the garden of the house.
When planting trees it will cost expensive to clean up and insect repelling is also necessary, so we will not plant it dare.
I think there is such a tendency.
We had better have a space to enjoy, that is, a garden.
I would like to continue to convey this wonderful culture and tradition of Japan.

How to enjoy the garden

Living with nature

Of course, it is important to improve the appearance and function, but I am committed to improving the environment.
By using the local materials as much as possible, I will do environment-friendly work without breaking the ecosystem.

Kei's Co., Ltd. office has such a commitment to make a garden.
So, so many living things come every day.
Cute birds and beautiful butterflies,
we are healed just by looking.

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Creating a city
where various creatures can live

Humans are developing at tremendous speed these days.
Roads are made, transportation is improved.
A skyscraper and a high-rise apartment will stand, increasing the space where many people can live.
It really gets more and more convenient.
However, only human beings ....
I think that development is a very good thing.

Just a little, just a little I hope you do not forget the thoughtful feelings to other living things.

We make gardens with such a little consideration.

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